Salted Anchovies

Cured anchovies (anchoa) are the salted version of anchovies in vinegar (boquerones)

From the best fishing ports, we choose anchovies based on their origin, freshness and together with rigorous controls in our manufacturing process, we are able to offer maximum quality.

At Aperitivos Iñaki we have discovered the most important thing when it comes to making anchovies: the right amount of salt and cleaning. This, together with an attractive presentation in different formats and a careful control of the raw products, allows us to enjoy the best anchovies.

These cured anchovies are produced by salting them. Anchovies normally spend the whole year in the depths of the sea but in the Spring and Summer they come to the surface to reproduce. In Spain we prefer to collect them in the months of March, April and May because this is when they are at their best and provide the best quality anchovies to put in brine.

Disponemos de más formatos de los que aquí aparecen, no dude en consultar con nosotros.


55g / 150cc

8 LOMOS / 150cc

125g / 300cc

250g / 400cc

325g / 700cc

50 LOMOS / 700cc

325g / 700cc

600g / 1000cc

600g / 900cc

600g / 1000cc

1000g / 2000cc

Our formats

We have a wider range of sizes than appears here so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

29 g250 g1000 g600 g
55 g325 g
110 g600 g
125 g

We continue canning large sizes for manufacturers from 3Kg to 100Kg


Dressings and liquids used:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Sunflower oil