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First of all, we would like to thank all our clients for putting their trust in Aperitivos Iñaki.
Thanks to the work carried out during all these years bringing our products to the consumer, we have managed to become the leaders in the production of anchovies in vinegar.

In the early days, Aperitivos Iñaki supplied items for repackaging to other industries producing anchovies-in-vinegar and salted anchovies. After dedicating years to this type of work, we decided to distribute these products directly to the big distribution companies using our own Arteiñaki brand. Being the original suppliers of the products, we have the advantage of being able to offer the best price and adapt to the tastes of the client.

Currently we have more than 10,000 m2 dedicated to the production of anchovies in vinegar and are the leaders in the commercialization of this item.

Taking advantage of the favourable reception of Boquerón Arteiñaki on the market, in 1999 we decided to open a plant in Valdemoro, in the south of Madrid which was also a strategic point for logistics. That’s when we developed a product that was unknown at the time: large pinchos (tapa like snacks), for sale as pickles in shops and for the hospitality trade.

We also, to the delight of our clientele, began to produce more than 30 other types of pinchos in the form of snacks on sticks that we produce with the same level of quality control as our other products.

The latest venture that we undertook was Galician mussels freshly cooked and pasteurized in vinaigrette, etc using only mussels that grow in the estuaries. This product has been a revolution for the hospitality industry due its quality, the size of the mussels and measures of hygiene control.

To this day, ongoing investment in the R & D department and the most advanced machinery enable us to continue to lead the industry. With this work philosophy we are able to launch new product lines onto the market annually.

The process of making of ‘Del Rey Bocarte’ in vinegar and salted versions

Our thanks..

Due to the efforts of our distributors we know all about the tastes of Horeca clientele: the texture and size of the anchovy fillets, and the amount of vinegar they like with the product….. With your support we have managed to satisfy the best clientele.

Thanks to the purchasing managers, who have helped us find the best ways of marketing our chilled products, resulting in a range of over 50 types of anchovy in vinegar in many forms. The products range from sizes of 30 grams upwards, making these lines the most attractive and innovative. 

And of course thanks to our customers, who over the years, have chosen Aperitivo Iñaki as the best in the ‘anchovies in vinegar’ market. 

We do not know how to put a name to what has been created in Aperitivos Iñaki, but we hope that if you are not part of our group of clients, friends or partners, you will get in touch with us so we can start to collaborate together.

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